SecureCom Media was incorporated in 2014 by a group of media and information communications professionals with extensive experience and background in the field of secure communications and software distribution.

The company began its business operations with initial seed funding from angel investors to develop effective distribution channels for high end communications solutions. These distribution channels included private business networks, exclusive business clubs, covering countries across the APAC Region.

In early 2015, the company entered exploratory discussions with Logicquest Technology, which recently launched Metalk, a radical mobile application providing complete security to correspondence logs and have achieved considerable initial coverage in the APAC region. The discussions ended with both parties entering a global exclusive platform operating agreement, whereby SecureCom Media receives access to Metalk’s technological mainframe and the right to operate a profitable business around the application’s infrastructure, while returning a share of the profits to Logicquest.

SecureCom Media will also propagate the business model of SecureChannel, a broadcasting platform developed based on the core technology of Metalk. It allows corporate entities to communicate business direction and decision, as well as release information to large business groups under a safe and secure information broadcasting system.